Have you had you flu jab?


Flu Facts

  1. People living with diabetes are more at risk of getting flu

True - it can have a worse effect on people with diabetes


  1. Having the flu jab gives your flu

False – you can’t get flu from the flu jab

  1. It can take two weeks for a flu jab to work

True – it takes two weeks to work so you could still get the flu during that time, that’s why it’s important to get the jab as soon as you can


  1. I need to have the flu jab every year

True – the vaccine protects you against the most common types of flu around, this changes each year so you need a new jab every year.


  1. Having flu can affect your blood glucose levels

True – having flu can make your blood glucose levels go all over the place, if you have high blood glucose levels this can cause serious complications like pneumonia


  1. You can only get your free flu jab at your GP practice

False – having diabetes means you are entitled to a free flu jab, this can be administered by your GP practice or local pharmacy


  1. I should wait to hear from my GP to book in my flu jab

False – NHS advice is if you haven’t heard about getting a flu jab by early October it is important you call your GP practice to arrange an appointment

You can find more information on the Diabetes UK website

NHS England has developed a leaflet about flu jabs and diabetes